Amazon Top 100? Oh, wow!

My last two sales of this book were on the Australian Amazon site, where the sales don’t affect my rankings on the U.S. site. So, tonight I thought I’d see where the book ranked on the Australian site. Only to find that it was in the Top 100 for Erotica Science Fiction there, more than 24 hours after the last sale! It’s the first time I’ve been in any of Amazon’s Top 100 lists (to my knowledge)! I wish I knew where it was ranked on 30 Oct…Capture



Goodreads’ Listopia? How to get on lists?

At, they have a feature called Listopia.  Site-wide book lists, where members can create their own lists, vote/rank books already on lists and add books to the list if they’re not already there.

The one limitation I see is that, as an author account, I can add books by other authors, but not my own.  Those need to be added by another member, and it doesn’t seem to have happened for a single one of my ebooks.

Since I don’t want to cheat the system by setting up another Goodreads account just for that purpose, how do I entice others to add my books to lists they should belong on?  Just ask?

Shards Chapter 2 (Complete)

I have completed Chapter 2 of Shards and updated it on Wattpad.

As this is quite different from the average erotica story, I am posting my draft to Wattpad in hopes of getting feedback from readers on how to improve the story.  Please consider yourselves beta readers and lend a hand.

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