#MyCurrentRead: Legends of Lust, by Zadie Black

Legends of Lust, by Zadie Black (@zadieblack)

King Gregory’s beautiful and voluptuous new bride is the toast of the Kingdom of Sukkonia. That is, until a wicked sorcerer invades the queen’s bedroom in the middle of the night, whisking her away in nothing but her silk nightgown. Only Sir Richard of the Lance, the king’s loyal (and very well-endowed) champion stands a chance to win her back. Aided by the haughty redheaded lady-in-waiting Delmar and his hapless squire, Corin, Sir Richard is in a race against time to find and rescue Queen Aureola.

But when Sir Richard finds the queen, she is locked up deep in the sorcerer’s dungeons and wearing little more than chains and a loincloth. Suddenly, Sir Richard realizes that he is facing a challenge that may be too much even for him: resisting the allure of the king’s extremely sexy and half-naked wife!

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Catching Taboo – Incest Erotica

Every so often, a story idea pops into my head, almost completely formed, and I have no choice but to get it written before it fades away.  This was one of those.

Jack’s younger sister Jan introduced him to her roommate Abby when he was a college senior and the women were sophomores. The following summer, after becoming a police officer, Jack proposed, marrying Abby after she graduated and passed her nursing certification. At their wedding, Abby returned the favor, introducing Jan to her twin brother Dave. They married the next year.

Jack is now a private investigator, while Jan’s job is taking her out of town one week per month. When Jan suspects Dave of an affair, she turns to Jack, asking him for a hidden camera that she can monitor herself, to catch Dave in the act.

What Jan and Jack catch on the camera is a lot more than an affair, it’s taboo.

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Mom and I XXXmastime Pt. 1

Continuing the Mom and I series. Derek began Thanksgiving break with a girlfriend Angie, a look-alike for his mom, Marcy. He ended it engaged to Angie, but also sexually involved with his mother, newly-identified half-sister Jessica and Jessica’s mother Jilly, along with his father Stan and half-brother Tommy, who became engaged to Jessica on the same day. Now, Derek and Tommy are back home for Christmas and the twists and turns for the seven of them continue. Where will the holiday season take them now?

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#MyReads: Satyr Day, by Alana Church

Owen didn’t set out to be a hero. When he rescued the woman in the grocery store parking lot, he was just trying to help. But as a result, he found himself gifted with a strange copper bracelet. Now women around him are acting strangely. Over the span of one glorious summer day, Owen’s life is turned upside down. Will he accept his destiny as the messenger of a divine being? What will be his fate, and that of the women in his life, on this wonderful “Satyr Day?”

My latest read: Satyr Day, by Alana Church (@ChurchOfErotica)
Collects her Satyr Saga trilogy, consisting of Satyrday Morning, Satyrday Afternoon and Satyrday Night.  I am including separate purchase links for each volume, if you wish to purchase them separately:

Satyr Day, $4.99, at:

Satyrday Morning, Book 1, $2.99, at:

Satyrday Afternoon, Book 2, $2.99, at:

Satyrday Night, Book 3, $2.99, at:

Coming up – Mom and I XXXmastime

If you have been patiently waiting for the next (sixth) installment in the Mom and I series, here is a status update.  I’m planning to cover Derek’s Christmas break from college in two parts, “Mom and I XXXmastime” and “Mom and I Year’s End”, which should also bring the series to a close.

I’ve already written 11,000 words of the XXXmas book, and haven’t even gotten to Christmas Eve yet, so this promises to be a fairly big one, if I don’t wind up splitting it further.

Thank you in advance for your patience.


#MyReads: It’s Only Sex, Daddy by Laura Lovecraft (@laura_lovecraft)

Darren’s obsessed with his daughter, Cassie, a spoiled brat who drives him crazy to the point he fantasizes about punishing her in a not so fatherly way. To relieve his frustration Darren hires escorts who look like her to enact his taboo fantasies. The new girl he found online couldn’t be more perfect. She not only looks, but acts like Cassie. Not surprising seeing Darren just hired his daughter.

$2.99 eBook at:

My review: 4 stars

I have to wonder – Are the frequent issues (of misplaced commas, quotes, missing/extra/wrong words and weird sentence structures) in this story author Laura Lovecraft’s meta attempt to be bratty herself, to get the reader to want to spank her like the dad spanks his daughter in the story?

If not, I can’t understand why these mistakes didn’t get caught in any minimal effort at proofreading.

If you can overlook those problems, this would be a great “I accidentally hired my daughter as a prostitute” story. I couldn’t ignore them enough to give it five stars, though. Call it a light spank.

#erotica #incest #daddydaughter

#MyReads: Crack of Dawn, by Amber Skye

Crack of Dawn, by Amber Skye:

She continued to examine me with eyes that were both gray and blue, deep rivers of color that had me temporarily hypnotized. Then the elevator dinged, breaking the spell. When the door opened, she stepped inside and reached a hand out to hold the door. I gathered myself and joined her inside.
She held out a long, slender hand with well-manicured fingernails. But oddly, I noticed that the nails on her middle and index fingers were cut rather short.
“I’m Fiona,” she said. “I live in unit 1200.”
I shook her hand, noticing immediately the velvety softness of her skin. Her hand was warm and dry, and her grip was firm without being overbearing. This woman had nothing to prove, and somehow that increased my feelings of inferiority.
“I’m Dawn,” I said smoothly, surprising myself that I had finally gotten a few words out without stammering.
She looked me up and down once more and spoke.
“Hello, Dawn,” she cooed as she released my hand. “Are you going all the way down?”

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