How big should a coven be?

I have an idea for a paranormal erotica story preliminary titled “The Sex Coven’s First Warlock.”

Background: 80 years ago, a witch battles a succubus who was targeting her husband and steals the succubus’s powers, then learns to use those abilities to power her magical spells, making her a “sex witch”.

She was then able to take on acolytes by transforming into male form and impregnating them as well as duplicating the succubus powers, but since the sperm produced should still only contain X chromosomes, only daughters were expected.

At least, until my main character is unexpectedly conceived as a male fraternal twin, 61 years later. Now 19, he’s about to become the coven’s first acolyte warlock, in the hope that he can father sons as well as daughters.

Let’s just say he’s about to be in high demand…

Where I’m getting a bit hung up is deciding on a scheme to allow the daughters to become acolytes, generation after generation, without having sex with their relatives. The two schemes I’ve figured out produce totally different coven sizes, though – one has 88 witches after 80 years, the other almost 600.

It mostly matters because I need to know how many witches are in my warlock’s “dating pool” and how many aren’t…

Which size would make more sense to you?

Advertisements Tips, tricks?

I thought I would give a try, to boost some of my books. The non-taboo ones on Amazon, at least. Does anyone have advice on the best way(s) to leverage the site? My first problem is figuring out how to select the book that I’m supposed to be able to promote for free after upgrading to Pro. It keeps taking me to a payment page, instead of showing that I should get my first promotion for free. Is there a trick I’m missing, or does it take some time for the upgrade to take full effect?

#MyCurrentRead: Insatiable (Overcranked Book 2)

“Don’t make me horny. You wouldn’t like me when I’m horny.”

Tish Lopez has problems. Not the least of which is a condition that overcranks her libido – requires her to have sex in public or die in immense pain.

In search of a cure, and running from a Christian terrorist group that has taken over the country, she arrives in Neeson, Arizona, to get tested at the Bixby Institute.

But as usual, trouble finds her far too quickly.

Follow Tish as she evades brutal enemies and her own lethal body chemistry in this hot, tense, erotic action thriller. Don’t miss a moment!


Excitica shutting down! just announced that they are ceasing operations, effective immediately, due to payment processor issues. Customers have until February 8th to download any books they have purchased. All books have been removed from sale.

I will be updating my book pages to remove my links to their store as I can.

I thank them for the sales I’ve managed to have there and wish them the best going forward.

Shards – SciFi Erotica

During an anniversary hike at Mt. Diablo in California, Dan and Nancy see a meteor in the sky. Suddenly, it changes course, crashing immediately in front of them, crystal shards piercing their bodies.

They wake up in Dan’s body, with Nancy in charge, and an alien presence in Nancy’s body. To get her body back, Nancy has to impregnate it, allowing the alien to occupy the resulting baby.

What happens after that explores the nature of their gender and sexual identities, transforming the whole world.

$4.99 ebook at:

Also: Amazon UK

$11.99 paperback edition, coming to Amazon. Also Amazon UK.

Blog milestones!

Saturday (Jan 26, 2019), this blog set a new one-day record for hits that had stood since last March. Well, Monday it blew past that by 35% more and also surpassed my previous one-month record (also last March), with three days left in the month. Thanks to all who’ve checked out the blog. Now get out there and buy more books!

Cover Update for “Year After” series

I’ve completed the cover update for the four novel set titled “First Year After” through “Fourth Year After”, also known as the “Our Love, After Dad Died” series. The background images correspond to four events during the series – a memorial service for Drew’s father in the first year, his marriage to Patti in the second year, a Labor Day pool party in the third year and Thanksgiving in the fourth year. If you’ve read the books, you know why these are significant events. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

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