October 2019 Blog Status Report

Another small increase, month over month, but still not back to the levels seen this spring. I did manage to get “Thirty Five Years Late” finished and I am working on a taboo short tentatively titled “Secrets of Taboo Pond”.

Erotica Groups on Facebook

I thought I would document the erotica groups on Facebook where I promote my books, for those who would like to check them out. This is not an exhaustive list of all erotica groups on Facebook, just the ones I’ve joined which accept promotions of my books. I am also a member of many other erotica groups, most dedicated to fans of a specific author or subgenres where I haven’t written books (such as BDSM or MM), plus other writing groups that don’t accept promotion and/or erotica.

Let’s start with my own group, open for discussing any erotica, with an acceptance for taboo/incest:
Leeny’s Lovers Erotica Group

Taboo groups (not just incest erotica, but do accept it):

Other Erotica Groups:

One more group, Pink Top Hat Books, has been open to promotion of all my books, but will be closing soon.

Thirty Five Years Late

(Chapter 1 previously published, in my collection From the Heart)

In high school, Kimmy asked Jake, a very shy young man, to ask her friend Jane to prom. Feeling uncertain, he backs out.

Now, 35 years later, Jake has reconnected to both women on social media. When he gets a work assignment in Jane’s city, he meets her for dinner.

Sparks fly and they start a relationship. How will it be impacted when Kimmy announces she’s coming to visit, too?

$3.99 at:

Blog Status Report — August 2019

Blog traffic rebounded in August, posting better numbers than June or July but not back to the levels before that.

I’m still working on “Thirty Five Years Late” (I know, I keep saying that), getting closer to the finish line. Hopefully September.

My books are back on Google Play Books!

After a reset in the process of distribution of books from Streetlib into Google Play Books, ten of my non-taboo erotica books are again available there. (Did anyone even notice they went away?)

The purchase links on my WordPress site’s pages have been updated.

Here’s a link to my author page at Google, rather than listing the ten books individually:
Google Play Books

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