Paperback version of Lust on the Way to Vega, too!

Another paperback edition set up on Amazon, for Lust on the Way to Vega

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Shards Chapter 2 (Complete)

I have completed Chapter 2 of Shards and updated it on Wattpad.

As this is quite different from the average erotica story, I am posting my draft to Wattpad in hopes of getting feedback from readers on how to improve the story.  Please consider yourselves beta readers and lend a hand.

Shards, Chapter 2

I am continuing to work on “Shards”, my sci-fi erotica alien-possession gender-bending story.  I have posted part of Chapter 2 to WattPad, looking for feedback.  Please?  Am I going in the right direction?  Missing something essential?

If you haven’t seen it, Chapter 1 is here.

#MyCurrentRead: Legends of Lust, by Zadie Black

Legends of Lust, by Zadie Black (@zadieblack)

King Gregory’s beautiful and voluptuous new bride is the toast of the Kingdom of Sukkonia. That is, until a wicked sorcerer invades the queen’s bedroom in the middle of the night, whisking her away in nothing but her silk nightgown. Only Sir Richard of the Lance, the king’s loyal (and very well-endowed) champion stands a chance to win her back. Aided by the haughty redheaded lady-in-waiting Delmar and his hapless squire, Corin, Sir Richard is in a race against time to find and rescue Queen Aureola.

But when Sir Richard finds the queen, she is locked up deep in the sorcerer’s dungeons and wearing little more than chains and a loincloth. Suddenly, Sir Richard realizes that he is facing a challenge that may be too much even for him: resisting the allure of the king’s extremely sexy and half-naked wife!

$1.99, at:

Catching Taboo – Incest Erotica

Every so often, a story idea pops into my head, almost completely formed, and I have no choice but to get it written before it fades away.  This was one of those.

Jack’s younger sister Jan introduced him to her roommate Abby when he was a college senior and the women were sophomores. The following summer, after becoming a police officer, Jack proposed, marrying Abby after she graduated and passed her nursing certification. At their wedding, Abby returned the favor, introducing Jan to her twin brother Dave. They married the next year.

Jack is now a private investigator, while Jan’s job is taking her out of town one week per month. When Jan suspects Dave of an affair, she turns to Jack, asking him for a hidden camera that she can monitor herself, to catch Dave in the act.

What Jan and Jack catch on the camera is a lot more than an affair, it’s taboo.

$2.99, at:


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